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Benefits of Digitization

Complete Search-ability

Fully searchable content through OCR or manual keying.

Workflow Efficiency

Quick document identification for improved workflow efficiency

Remote Accessibility

Allows for 24/7 global access to all of your converted content.

Evergreen Content

Evergreen conversion of historical materials for loss prevention and preservation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Archival scanning is the process of digitizing hard copy content for long-term preservation. Our work is specifically tailored to libraries, archives, museums, institutes, and other large organizations to help not only preserve their content, but also to facilitate global accessibility of their historical journey and precious archives to a greater audience.

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition and it is the digital processing of text based content to enable fully searchable access. OCR recognizes common shapes and tendencies of different font types and sizes to then be digitally normalized and converted. Once the hard copy materials have been digitized and put through an OCR process, they are then fully searchable. The key to successful OCR is a high quality digital image. Poorly captured or processed scans will result in poor OCR results. This newly preserved and searchable digital content from high quality scans such as ours create efficiencies, successful search results, and greatly improved accessibility.

Our services are designed for a higher quality level of digitization. We have scanned many loose items for clients for lower pricing but our workflow includes secondary steps for both image processing (crop, deskew, enhance) and PDF with OCR. We do not offer office document scanning whereas a vendor loads a cut sheet scanner and leaves it unattended, with the end image also processed and OCR’d at time of scan. All of our scans go through additional image post processing steps including a 2nd and 3rd level of QC.

Workflow optimization is taking your current business processes, often heavily reliant on paper & loose records, and scanning for your desired use case (such as online access) while digitizing your materials for meeting legal requirements, space savings, archive, redundancy, etc.the optimization process, bottlenecks are identified and resolutions are implemented to streamline the entire workflow. This creates efficiency in the workflow process by allowing better organization, improved quality control, risk elimination and associated loss avoidance, and overall cost savings.

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