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Master Enterprises, Inc. (MEI), serving clients since 1993.

“As we have grown our digitization business over the last 28+ years, I continue to empower our team members to ask questions and make recommendations based on their collective experience.


We are more than just a vendor but instead, a trusted consultative partner for archival solutions. It may slow down the operations short term, but we realize how imperative communication with our clients is for their ultimate satisfaction.”

Archival Digitization Services Lab

Our Lab and Team

MEI could not have realized the exponential growth over the years if it wasn’t for the technicians’ knowledge, passion, and commitment. That consultative layer differentiates us in the industry.


We are all working towards the same goal of delivering the highest quality solutions at a lower price than a client could secure if they had to piece meal a solution together. And, I still feel the same level of satisfaction from each project upon its successful completion. I love my clients and am very fortunate to manage a team devoted to excellence!

Scanning Solutions

Our diverse scanning and digitization solutions can be catered specifically to your archival preservation project.

For text based content that either doesn’t OCR well, requires assembly and naming, or includes XML deliverables, MEI extracts the data through OCR plus one key capturing, then multiple levels of electronic proofreading, depending on the quality of the original and requested results. 

Clients often request 99%+ to 100% accuracy.

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Enhancement Services

Context is one of our unique strengths which proves very beneficial when performing file assembly such as marrying together like-documents into multipage, searchable PDFs. 


For XML work, once the data is extracted, MEI’s team does the tagging of the data, per the client’s instructions and then validates through an XML parser.


We further extract the images (inline, display) with the help of Photoshop, as instructed by the client. 

The data set is then moved to a secondary technician (usually dozens of technicians, due to the large conversion projects for our library, publisher, and printer clients) for final QC of the XML files.


MEI's mission is to deliver a complete, timely, and cost-effective solution to our valued clients.

We are unique in this endeavor, whereas a 3rd party vendor would charge large consultative fees for this value added service. This no cost, value added layer comes from bringing together numerous solutions at pre-negotiated pricing that usually is only offered to Fortune 500 power clients. Once you send us your project, you do not need to worry about each transitional point within the process.


We look to the end goals of the client and help them navigate through a very tricky process with a consultative layer that is hard to find elsewhere.

Early in my career, I sold products - services, hardware, software - but quickly realized leaving a client with an incomplete solution caused frustration and could often be costly. The "one trick pony" approach, even if it has a really cool trick, does not work in most scenarios.


If my clients are entrusting my company (and me!) with their project - whether a $100 project.. or a $100K project, each are deserving of the same level of service.

I've instilled these same values within my long-term team.

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